How Do You Become a Game Developer?

January 27, 2022
By Avery
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Becoming a game developer isn’t something that happens overnight. It takes a lot of dedication and love to go from learning your first programming language to launching your first game. But if you would like to join the gaming industry, then here are some necessary steps that you need to take. 

Get A Bachelor Degree in Programming

Unless you are super smart and you’ve learned to program on your own, then the first thing that you’ll need to become a game developer is a bachelor’s degree.

If you plan on working on your own and starting your own company then you will need this knowledge to understand the entire process behind game development. On the other hand, if you plan to apply for a job at a game development company then this is also something that will be crucial for getting the job since all employers will always go for the candidate with at least four-year degree courses. But more importantly, these courses will teach you how to properly use different programming languages like C, C#, C++, Java, Python, and others. 

Practice Your Physics and Math Skills

If you want to learn to develop games then you need to be at math and physics. Moreover, this means that you will use your math and physics knowledge to create equations that will tell the systems what to do. For example, for any animation that happens within a game, you need to know linear algebra, calculus, and trigonometry. 

Work On Your Storytelling Skills

If you are a programming guru, you might be disappointed to learn that for game development you need more than knowing all the programming languages. Game development also includes great storytelling skills. You must be able to look at the game from the player’s perspective and tell the story in such a way that it’s both exciting and inspiring.

One of the best ways in which you can practice storytelling is by reading books and comics. Even though you aren’t an experienced writer, this can improve your writing skills in many ways. Also, you can start writing a story and post it on blogs so that online readers can tell you what they think. 

Consider Getting A Job At A Game Developing Company

Even if your ultimate goal is to develop games on your own, you should consider getting a job at a game-developing company first. While working for a company you will learn about teamwork, but you will also be in an ideal position to share what you know with your co-workers, who will in return share their own knowledge and experience. So, this can be the right move for any beginner in the game developing industry.