Why Do People Love Watching Game Streamers So Much?

October 26, 2022
By Avery
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One of the most profitable career paths nowadays is to become a streamer. But, it’s worth pointing out that there are way more streamers who aren’t really earning that much. It’s a competitive market and you really need to know how to entertain and communicate with your audience. Here we are going to discuss why streaming is so popular, or why people love to watch gamers so much. 

Quality Gameplay 

First and foremost people love to watch gamers because they are playing the game they like. This way they get to see how someone who is very skillful is playing that same game. You don’t need to be a professional to be a streamer of course, but most of the famous streamers are really good at gaming. So a portion of the admiration comes from incredible gaming skills, and we get to see extremely difficult games being beaten with ease. 

Social Interaction and Discussion

Another element that makes streaming so appealing is social interactions. Streamers rarely just play in silence, there is always some sort of discussion with the viewers who are interacting with them through chat. The discussion can be related to the game they are playing or just commenting on some recent developments that can be general in nature. Popular streamers tend to be treated like celebrities and their viewers or subscribers care about their opinion.

So, it’s not just watching the game, it’s like a play session with people who might be your friends if you ever met them in person. 

Learning New Gaming Tricks

It’s enjoyable to see someone play the game like a pro, but streamers are often tutors as well. They tend to give elaborate explanations on what they are doing and why they are doing those things. So, those who plan to become professional gamers have a lot to learn from them and they enjoy watching that content. Often viewers will give their opinion on what was the best course of action, and streamers will tell them how they feel about that plan. In a way, you can really improve your skills and see whether you are making the right calls. 

Making Videos

A lot of content creators also watch streams and they can get useful material for their channels. Typically a streaming session can last for hours, but they all tend to have some sort of highlights or moments that everyone remembers. So the clips that are posted on other video platforms are of those highlights. It’s something that can help a person grow their channel and streamers also appreciate it, as their popularity can grow in this way. If there are good highlights chances are more people will join in and subscribe, because it looks fun. 


Finally, there are those who are playing the game at the same time as the famous streamer. So, the reason they like to watch is that they get to “snipe” them on stream. Basically, in player versus player games, they can know where their opponent is because the opponent is playing the game in real-time on the stream. In games like Hearthstone where you play cards against someone else, knowing the opponent’s hand will give you an incredible advantage. Moreover, some people are even streaming poker, so sniping them can be very lucrative.