Sims Game – Is It Healthy To Play It Often?

October 4, 2022
By Avery
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Video games have always been a means to escape reality. No matter if you are a fan of first-person shooters, hack-and-slash, or even RPGs, the time you spend in the video game is time away from everything that is bothering you. 

And some video games even managed to offer us a possibility of an alternative life. The Sims is a life simulation series of games in which the players create their own perfect world. In this virtual space, they can be anything they want. The Sims, or the virtual people that each player controls, have their own houses but also needs that have to be met. And even though the concept resembles the real world, it’s actually an ideal opportunity for lots of people to escape the sometimes harsh reality. 

Over the years, the Sims has been sold in more than 200 copies, indicating that a lot of people worldwide would like to hide within a virtual world and forget all about their problems, even if only for a little while. But one question remains – is it healthy to spend too much time playing the Sims. Let’s see what are the health advantages and disadvantages of playing the Sims.

Good Against “Burn Out”

At the moment the world economy is learning towards productivity in every possible way. This means that more and more people spend most of their week working and this can lead to burnout. And games like the Sims can be a good escape from a world where there is only a monotonous and tiresome workload. Once you get home after work and step into the world of the Sims your characters can be doing everything that you wish to be doing at that moment. And this can be a great distraction but also an ideal way to recharge the “batteries” for what awaits tomorrow. 

Can Be Great For Your Mood

The world of Sims offers an alternative to the world that we actually live in. So, people who play the Sims always have a way to reduce stress and improve their mood by escaping into this life simulation game. And with a better mood comes a better attitude towards all problems, no matter if they are personal or work-related.

Can Be Bad For Accepting Reality

One of the downsides of playing this game too often is that some people can turn to this game every time that they need to solve something in real life. In this way, they can escape their problems all the time and never get to solving them. Additionally, there are some individuals that can find it hard to stop playing because dealing with real-life can end up seeming too hard.

Bad For Physical Health

No matter if you play the Sims or any other game too much, it can reflect on your physical health. And although playing this game often can have psychological benefits, it can be bad for your physical health. After some time you can experience pain in your back, shoulders, and legs.