What Is Genshin Impact and Why Do People Love It So Much?

September 17, 2022
By Avery
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One of the games that have received a solid amount of attention over the past year is Genshin Impact. It wasn’t as hyped as some of the triple-A titles like Cyberpunk, or Resident Evil, but it seems that the game managed to capture the audience that enjoys RPGs. Here we will talk about Genshin Impact and what makes it so appealing.

What is Genshin Impact?  

Genshin Impact is an action RPG that looks like an anime. So, fans of JRPGs and people who love anime definitely gave it a shot. It also looks to be heavily inspired by the Legend of Zelda which is why it caught the attention of Nintendo fans. The game is also free to play so there was no reason for anyone who likes RPGs, Zelda, or anime not to give it a shot. Of course, it’s way than just familiar design and visuals. 

The game actually has a lot to offer, and players definitely decided to stick around. That being said the hype did dissipate over time, so we will also address some things that players didn’t like about it. 

Very Engaging Combat

One thing that’s definitely great about Genshin Impact is its combat system. It’s easy to learn, and mastering different combos is definitely rewarding.  You are not required to do this in order to progress through the game, but as mentioned the overall experience will be better if you do. The combat system allows you to implement different elements in your attack, like fire, ice, lightning, etc. 

If you juggle these elemental attacks one after another you get bonus damage, like hitting an enemy with a frost attack and then following up with fire. When you do this during a boss fight and dish out more damage, it just feels amazing.

Lots of Customization Options  

Another reason why Genshin Impact is so engaging is its diverse cast of characters. Over the course of gameplay, you will gain access to different NPCs that you can add to your team. They all have different personalities and playstyles, so you get to pick the one you like the most to be the main character of the group. On top of that, you will find different items and weapons that you will use to customize your characters, so there is a lot of incentive to keep playing. 

How Can Genshin Impact be Even Better?

One of the reasons why players are not sticking around is the microtransactions. Although the game is free to play there are a lot of loot boxes that you can buy in the store. Some players don’t mind this and love the RNG while others don’t, because it feels that the game is catering to the whales. There is also the element of grind which has players do daily and weekly tasks. Again, if you don’t mind this will feel great, but if you hate grind then it just feels like a chore. So, the devs should really figure out how to balance these elements or how to monetize the game in a different way.