Best Games Released in 2021

November 9, 2021
By Avery
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The year 2021 has been a strange one for gaming, a lot of unanticipated releases were pushed for the year 2022, but that only gave an opportunity to some other studios to shine. So, it was not what we expected but it was a pleasant surprise nevertheless.  Here we will be going over the best games that were released in 2021. 

Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart

The game was meant to show us what the next PS 5 is all about, and Insomniac really outdid themselves with this one. It’s fun, cartoony, and energetic just like you would expect from a Ratchet & Clank game. It was so good it got nominated for the game of the year.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Another nominee was Kena: Bridge of Spirits. This is an incredibly designed game by an indie studio Ember Labs. It has nice combat and puzzles, it rewards exploration, and those who played it really wanted more of it. It’s a bit short, and it will probably take you around 10 hours to complete. 


Returnal is a spooky Sci-fi roguelike shooter that is created as a PS 5 exclusive. Anyone who would like to see what a souls game would be like if it was about visiting other planets and killing extraterrestrials with space guns should definitely try Returnal. It’s difficult, it looks amazing, and the gameplay is really satisfying.   

Forza Horizon 5

Forza is a PC and Xbox exclusive and it really brought racing games to the next level. This is an open-world racing game, and the landscapes look absolutely stunning. If you played previous Forza games, or like racing games in general, this is the best title you can get your hands on currently.


Deathloop is currently the most exciting first-person shooter that you can play on PC or PS 5.  You need to solve a murder mystery and end the time loop. You’ll be searching for new weapons and powers and adapting your playstyle as the game progresses.  

Resident Evil Village

If you ever wanted to try Resident Evil games but just didn’t have the nerve to start a franchise that’s been running for almost two decades, then Resident Evil Village is the perfect place to start. It’s basically a soft reboot of the franchise that builds upon the previous game Resident Evil Biohazard, and it’s a first person survival horror this time around.