Music – An Important Part of Every Video Game

August 24, 2022
By Avery
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Music has always been an important part of people’s lives. No matter if we are happy or sad, in love or heartbroken, we turn to music to help us deal with those emotions. Music helps us express ourselves but it also gives a certain depth to a situation or a moment in life. 

Music has also been a part of the video gaming industry from the very beginning. The early video games had 8-bit music and today we have entire symphony bands that make professional soundtracks for years that are later used in a AAA title. 

In order to emphasize all the important moments and to create a certain mood, video game developers use music as their main tool. Music is one of the most important parts of every video game, and in this article, we’ll see why. 

Music Sets The Mood

First and foremost, music is the main tool that is used in every game to set the mood. This means that developers use music if they want to explain to the player the current situation that they are in without using actual words. In most cases, there are major differences between the music used for different genres. So for example, games for kids will have a cheerful note, whereas horror titles will include a more eerie type of music. Moreover, there are instances, like in first-person shooters where music will be completely excluded, but there will be more emphasis on sound effects. 

Nowadays, music in video gaming is very important, especially since the introduction of cinematics. These short movies usually serve as trailers for a new game or extension, and the music in them is used to evoke feelings of anticipation and action.

It Emphasizes All The Important Moments

Music in video games is used to emphasize all the important moments, that are crucial for the gameplay. You might have noticed in some video games that while you are going from point A to point B, or while you are completing some minor mission, the music will be calmer and it wouldn’t evoke the feeling of action. On the other hand, when you are facing a “boss” or an important nemesis, the speed and the intensity of music will go up drastically. 

Even without any dialogues, the music would be enough for a player to know that there is an impending doom or a glorious victory waiting just around the corner.

It Helps To Convey A Certain Message To Players

Basically, this is the main role of the music and sound effects in any video game. Certain tunes that are generally familiar are used to convey a certain message to players. In this way, players are subconsciously prepared for what’s ahead. Also, the music helps to control their emotions. So for example fast-paced music will inspire the gamer to play at an increased speed which can be useful in fight sequences. Without music in such a sequence, the overall impression of the game wouldn’t be so memorable.