Video Game Jobs: The Best Jobs in the Industry

August 5, 2022
By Avery
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Twenty-seven percent of today’s gamers are teenagers, known as Gen Z. They are followed by the millennial generation who account for 29% of all gamers. You may have even dreamt of pursuing a career in video games if you belong to either of these generations. The gaming industry offers a number of options from which to choose, both on the technical and business sides.

Game Designers

One of the most desirable careers for gamers is video game designer. The people in this occupation come up with the video game concepts. As they develop storylines and characters, they guide them through production and make them a reality. As part of the development team, they work closely with artists, programmers, and audio engineers. A video game designer is one of the most sought-after jobs of all video game careers. In order to become a video game designer, you may need to get some experience working in other roles.

Software Developers

Game designers’ visions for their final products are carried out by computer programmers and programmers. Programmers write the software that enables video games to function as intended. It is programmers who convert these designs into instructions video game systems can understand.


The video game industry has multiple roles for writers. The scriptwriters write the stories for each game and the dialog for the characters. Technology writers develop the accompanying documentation and instructions. The only question is, how creative you want to get with writing.

Audio Engineers

The soundtracks of video games are created by audio engineers with computers and electrical equipment. Basically, they process everything you hear while playing the game. For example, they give characters voices, record sound effects, and record the background music.

Interpreters and Translators

Translators translate the dialogue of characters into other languages. They can also translate instructions and other documentation from one language into another. It is through their work that companies can sell their games internationally.

Technical Support Specialists

In the video game industry, technical support specialists act as a liaison between the company and the public. Customer service agents assist customers with problems operating games and related equipment at call centers. They provide assistance through telephone conversations, online chats, and emails.


A video game producer handles the financial and business details involved in developing and marketing products. This role involves overseeing personnel and making sure that games are produced within time and budget constraints.

Marketing Managers

Video game marketers coordinate the marketing campaigns of publishers. It is important for them to decide where and how they will sell their products to consumers. They might manage everything from advertising to social media content, game store descriptions, and more.

Video Game Testers

Companies that produce video games hire game testers to provide quality assurance. A game tester makes sure that the game works correctly and that the instructions and documentation are clear. Bugs and problems are identified and reported to designers and developers.

Market Research Analysts

Analysts conduct market research to determine the purchasing preferences of prospective customers through surveys. Video game publishers use the data they gather to determine which products and services to sell, how much to charge for them, and where and how to sell them.

Sales Representatives

A games sales representative sells video games for publishers to wholesalers and retailers. Their knowledge of the product, the industry, and potential customers should be extensive.