What Are Some Video Games That Improve Your Thinking/Logic?

July 29, 2022
By Avery
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Games can have both positive and negative effects on us. It really depends on how long we play them and which game we choose to play. There are certain titles that manage to stick around and stay relevant for almost two decades, and a lot of those titles are now eSports. These are truly demanding games, and without quick thinking and precision players can’t excel at them. So, let’s see what are games that improve our logic or thinking. 


Let’s talk about chess first. Even if it didn’t start out as video games, there are lots of apps or sites where players can compete in virtual chess. Online play has definitely elevated the skill of players all over the world. First, the information-sharing capabilities are significantly higher, which means that a lot of people can easily find different strategies online. As a result, the chess amateurs of today are significantly better players compared to amateurs from a few decades ago. The same goes for other games like Go and Shogi. 

Additionally, AI is way more advanced now, so players really get to compete with the toughest opponents in the whole world and hone their skills. Chess always required players to think strategically and in advance, in order to predict the moves of their opponents. So, there is no further explanation needed. 

MOBA (League of Legends and DOTA)

MOBA games like  League and DOTA are extremely demanding especially when it comes to pro play. You need to have map awareness, think on your feet, execute moves with precision, and be aware of the abilities that opponents can use. Moreover, it requires collaboration and communication. In other words, your brain is on fire while trying to maneuver through team fights and while making certain plays. 

Action RPGs

Action RPGs also require a lot of thinking and calculations. You are trying out different builds, managing resources, and learning mechanics for boss fights. Moreover, games like the Witcher and God of War can really be inspiring because of their strong narrative, so they also impact our creative thinking. We also have games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne, which are popular among speedrunners. You need to memorize a lot of things and practice like crazy to get better at them.  

Fighting Games 

Fighting games require you to memorize different combos, and also constantly think about your weaknesses and openings. Most of the time it’s a battle of wits and trying to predict what your opponent will do next, and how to turn that situation around. 

First Person Shooters 

FPS titles require precision and fast reflexes, but they also require strategy and cooperation. They are similar to MOBA but they feel less forgiving when someone makes a mistake. 

Real-Time Strategy 

Finally, RTS titles constantly push our intelligence further, as we are trying to outplay multiple opponents, and manage the resources in the best way possible. Knowing what opponents are up to and how to adapt your play is crucial for survival.